Sunday, October 4, 2009

300 Etsy Sales and $350 More to Noah's Wish!

Yay! Just in time for my first anniversary of opening Red Chair, I passed the 300 sales mark on Etsy! Thank you, everyone, for all your support! It was also time to make my donation to Noah's Wish based on Red Chair sales, and the latest amount was $350. So thanks to my customers, I've donated a total of $870 this past year to Noah's Wish! In case you don't know what Noah's Wish does, they're the people who go to the site of disasters and help animals in need. Please read more about them here: I had the pleasure of meeting the two founders a few years ago, and these women are amazing.
I've also been busy posting new pieces of jewelry. I'm about halfway through at this point. Here's one of the items I'll be posting. Click into my shop to see even more of my jewelry and Jan's gorgeous pictures!