Sunday, October 4, 2009

300 Etsy Sales and $350 More to Noah's Wish!

Yay! Just in time for my first anniversary of opening Red Chair, I passed the 300 sales mark on Etsy! Thank you, everyone, for all your support! It was also time to make my donation to Noah's Wish based on Red Chair sales, and the latest amount was $350. So thanks to my customers, I've donated a total of $870 this past year to Noah's Wish! In case you don't know what Noah's Wish does, they're the people who go to the site of disasters and help animals in need. Please read more about them here: I had the pleasure of meeting the two founders a few years ago, and these women are amazing.
I've also been busy posting new pieces of jewelry. I'm about halfway through at this point. Here's one of the items I'll be posting. Click into my shop to see even more of my jewelry and Jan's gorgeous pictures!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gorgeous Jess!

Jess is an old friend of mine who got married recently, and I'm honored that she wore two of my pieces on the big day! She wore my Night on the Town Earrings and a custom necklace I made for her -- it's basically one strand of my Night on the Town Necklace, Crystal Edition, with some flashes of green crystal surrounding the fireballs.
Congrats to Jess and Ryan! (Thanks to Ciras Photography for letting me use their lovely picture of the bride!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raffle to Benefit Noah's Wish and Win One Item of Your Choice!

Here's some more info on the first Red Chair open house, which will be held in Washington DC on Thursday, July 30, 4:00-6:30 p.m., at the Westin Grand Hotel on 24th and M Streets, NW. I'll be showing several new pieces from my Fall 2009 collection -- not yet available in my shop -- as well as all my other pieces. There will also be a raffle to win your choice of any one item from my shop! Net proceeds of the raffle will benefit Noah's Wish. Each ticket costs $5; enter as many times as you'd like, even if you can't attend the event! Contact me ( for tickets in advance or buy them onsite.

Jan Morales will have some of his amazing prints for sale at the party, too. As some of you may know, Jan takes all of my product photos, but he's a talented fine art photographer as well.

If you would like to attend the jewelry party, please contact me at

Friday, June 19, 2009

Exciting + Terrifying = Jewelry Party

Some lovely friends are throwing me my first ever jewelry party on July 30. The party is at the Westin Grand on 24th and M Streets NW, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. I’m so excited! If you live in the area, please stop by and see me and enjoy some drinks and snacks. Raffle tickets, with net proceeds going to Noah's Wish, will be available -- there will be a drawing to win free jewelry. I’m busy working on new items and on building up my stock of current offerings. Anyone who has jewelry party advice, please share . . . .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Super Duper New Banner(s)

My friend Marisa, who is a professional graphic designer, created some new banners and a logo for my Etsy shop. She's so talented and I feel very lucky that she made them for me! I've included my favorite of the drafts here, which isn't the one I ended up using for my shop. (Click here to see the actual new banner.) Marisa said she made the cat one just to make me smile. Actually, though, I was very close to using it in my shop. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Something in the Mail That Wasn't Beads!

I'd imagine those of you who are fellow crafters and artists can probably identify with me here. Pretty much every single non-grocery item I buy for myself is related to creating jewelry: fantastic new beads, fantastic old beads, sterling silver chain, a new set of pliers -- everything. Last week, though, I decided I'd have enough of that and wanted to purchase something totally unrelated. I'd been eyeing PipingHotPapers' notebooks for a while and finally decided to treat myself to one! OK, two. And maybe in some ways these purchases were jewelry-related. (I use one of them for sketching designs and the other for making shopping lists.) But still, it felt totally decadent to buy items this gorgeous, and I spent less than $20 for both! And wow, was I in for a lovely surprise. Alice's creations look like something you'd pay quardruple for -- they're stunningly gorgeous, absolutely top quality. Here's one of the notebooks I bought. Alice filled it extra full of paper for me, too:

As long as I'm on the subject of recent non-jewelry-related purchases, I ordered one of LadyFranCreations' Etsy Fanatical t-shirts a couple of months ago, and it's absolutely perfect! I'm sure many of you can relate to being surgically attached to your computer when a treasury is about to open . . . . My shirt is actually white, a custom order that I placed with Gail (LadyFran). Here's the original green version in Gail's shop:

And finally, I already had two Xenotees that I love more than a woman should love inanimate objects, but a few months ago I wanted a third. This time I decided to add Noëlle's Collective Names of Animals in slate to my collection. It's super comfy, totally unique and actually just beautiful. Here's the design, in case you haven't seen it:

Posting and Posting and Posting . . .

I just finished posting 18 items this weekend, and my brain is completely fried from thinking up names and writing descriptions. I'd built up a backlog of jewelry that needed pictures, so Jan and I spent a late night last week taking pictures and pictures and more pictures. Here are a few of the items I posted. Some are a totally new style from what I've done in the past. Enjoy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

$230 to Noah's Wish from Red Chair Sales!

I donate 5% of sales to Noah’s Wish (, an organization that saves animals during disasters with rescue and recovery services. I just made my latest donation, and I'm up to $230! Thanks to my wonderful customers for making that possible. Check out Noah's Wish to see the amazing work that they do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My 100th Sale!

I just made my 100th sale on Etsy, so I thought I'd start up a blog! It was my Blue Agate and Vintage Cloisonné Necklace. Thanks to my friends for their support and especially to my partner Jan for his love, kindness, support and pictures! ;)

Photo taken by Jan Morales,