Monday, May 4, 2009

$230 to Noah's Wish from Red Chair Sales!

I donate 5% of sales to Noah’s Wish (, an organization that saves animals during disasters with rescue and recovery services. I just made my latest donation, and I'm up to $230! Thanks to my wonderful customers for making that possible. Check out Noah's Wish to see the amazing work that they do.


  1. Yay Heidi that is great news and such a great cause too!

  2. Congrats, Heidi! I hope that good intentions always reach at good results.

  3. Great work Heidi - and so nice to stop by your new blog,
    best wishes, Annette
    ps - Ekaterina is hoping for votes of love in the Storque baby vote (link on my blog) - little hare kisses in return guaranteed!

  4. What a great cause Heidi. Nice blog you have set up. Have a really great day girl!