Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mad for Plaid

I created an Etsy treasury yesterday that was full of plaid, and I called it "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK" after the Monty Python song -- not that unusual as I'm a treasury fiend constantly in search of inspiration. Then something bizarre happened: The treasury got 700 views in one afternoon and evening. 700 views! I felt like Vicki Diane, with her Artists Exposed treasuries that get thousands of views. No treasury of mine has ever received that many views -- even when I've been lucky enough to have one make the Etsy front page! So now I'm trying to figure out exactly why it happened so I can repeat it! Was it that people love plaid as much as I do? Are we all having '90s flashbacks? Is everyone channeling the spirit of Alexander McQueen? Or was there something about the timing of this particular treasury that gave it momentum? Why did this one do so well when I've made so many others that I've liked better? Oh well. Here it is, above and here, along with the stats to the right because I have to see them to believe them. Enjoy!