Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rediscovering Big, Honkin' Lucite

It's been a while since I posted -- the holiday season was busy, and work has been kicking my butt lately. Jewelry-wise, I'm letting myself be pulled in all directions, which is a a lot of fun but doesn't lend itself well to settling down and making jewelry! I managed to make several pieces over the past few weeks, then Jan took pictures and I posted them. One of my favorites is my Judy Jetson Bracelet, made with huge, enormous, monstrously big vintage Lucite in several shades of pink. I sneaked one Venetian glass bead in there too, along with some pink jade, cherry quartz and polymer clay. But the scene stealers for me are the orangey pink vintage Lucite discs. Enjoy!


  1. very nice indeed Heidi! the Venetian glass bead really sets it off!
    nice to see your post :)

  2. oops forgot to say I'm having a giveaway on my blog - please do stop by if the collage catches your eye

  3. it's gorgeous! (and, as a Jetsons fan... love the name)